Mr. Bungle

My holy trinity : Opeth, Faith No More and Mr Bungle.

I'm totally into Mr Bungle. There is nothing else like them. Pure fucking art of crossover. The band also introduced me to music I didn't care before, like jazz and tango. Actually they changed the whole way I think about music...took me to a new level or something.

Ever tried to tell people what their music is like? :D
"Well it' and....NOooo...nono...not metal at all...basically jazz...Noooo...err.."

I've labeled their first one "Chaosfunky Circusmetal."
But the following ones..err...If you tell someone California is "pop", they really DON'T get the picture. And for Disco Volante there are no words.
you guys are awesome. i definately get the circus feel from the first. disco? prog/electronic/everything. i'm actually surprised more opethians aren't into them.
...playing The Directors Cut right now!
It's always an adventure with Mike Patton!
Bring on the Australian Tour
Broadcast 17th July Mike Patton and Friends showed up with with his black bin liner (‘…it had some good stuff in it before…’) and some mates: Dan the Automator, Maceo from De La Soul and Andy from Ugly Duckling…

I love the s/t and California, but I've not been able to get into Disco Volante yet. I keep trying, but it just doesn't do what the others do for me. Maybe I'll give it another spin later and see what happens.
disco volante is definately the oddball album and takes a while to absorb. after a long time it has become my absolute favorite of their collection. pure maniacal genius! bless me bagpipes