Mustaine on Dime

From Mike Portnoy:


I wasn't gonna post anything because this whole tragedy isn't about me or how I feel..and I feel so helpless and insignificant at such an unbelievable time as this...
But after sitting in front of my computer screen in disbelief for the last 24 hours since I heard about this last night I finally felt I needed to at least acknowledge how absolutely horrible I feel about this nightmare.
Actually, I am sick to my stomach.

Dime was an incredible talent who I've admired since the beginning when we had both just signed to Atco Records. It's been many years since I've hung with him or any of the Pantera guys - but my memories with him and the guys were always great fun and filled with crazy drunken insanity.
He lived each and everyday to the fullest. In fact, I never could believe how he could even function (both on and off stage) with the way he partied and lived life.

I feel so sorry for Vinnie and the rest of the band and family.

Words really cannot describe the heartache I've had all day.
This is as tragic and unbelievable as Lennon getting killed.
But this hits home even closer because he was ONE OF US.

I really cannot believe it...

spawn said:
None of them have access to the internet Gorey, ive never seen them ever post anything anywhere, even their official site is a pile of shit, im sure someone will interview them in the next few days though.
That's not an excuse. All you need to do is go to an internet cafe. If Michelle Branch can post a tribute to Dime then surely Slayer can.
Its an excuse if they dont even know how to use the internet, I dont think any of them even has a computer, they were asked what they thought of the official site and they said they had never even seen it.

I hardly think Kerry King is disrespecting Dimebag considering they were really close friends. They just dont use the internet at all, unlike most other musicians.
I dont think people are hanging to hear what Slayer have to say about it, im sure they are shattered just like everyone else, particularly considering how close the bands are, we will hear from them sooner or later.