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Aug 31, 2006
Hey guys, my band finally got our album mastered, we started recording at a studio in Brooklyn last April, kept recording and mixing until the album mastered and we're finally getting artwork sorted out. The two new songs on our myspace page are some of the shorter songs, we have an 8 minute song, a 10 minute song, and a 16 minute songs (that was a bitch to track) we kind of have some Opeth love going on as well. The leads on these songs aren't that crazy either, but we have some tasty ones on the longer tracks...I'm not sure if those would fit on mySpace.

In any case, we didn't record to a click, and we didn't do alot of things that most metal bands do when recording today....I think it came out well, and I'm just wondering what you guys think.
nah man, this was a while back, I used my 1982 Ibanez Destroyer. Our other guitar player used an Ibanez RG...I forget which one.
and amp-wise, I did a rhythm track with my Krank Revolution and one track with a 5150 (block letter version)...our other guitar did a rhythm track with a Laney (forget which model) and also a 5150....leads were either the Krank or the 5150...we had a Tubescreamer in front of all the amps as well
and it seems their doing maintenance on myspace or something...the players don't work for any band....I guess maybe this'll work for someone but I guess I'll just post this again when myspace is working
we didn't play to a click, we had both guitar players do rhythm tracks (alot of bands just have one guitar player do rhythm tracks), we didn't use triggers (we did sound replace though)...and in terms of the way andy sneap records (mic placement, mics used, etc.) we didn't really follow that...

I kind of wish we had though, but what can you do?
I'm actually going to put one of the longer songs on MySpace, that'll be up soon...I kind of expected more people to speak up, from what I've seen of other guys who post their stuff...who knows
that's cool about both guitarists doing rhythms. we did that in my old band - and I think it says a lot about the cohesion of the musicians.. a lot of bands probably couldn't pull that off (well).
I mean one thing I love about Andy's stuff (and other producers like Suecof, Richardson, etc.) is how the quad-tracked guitars sound almost omnipresent. Like when you have one guy playing four very tight takes, and they are panned in just the right way, it is just so clear, and takes up so much sonic space, it sounds fucking huge. We kind of lost that by having two guitar players that play very differently (technique-wise) doesn't sound bad (and I did some editing to make the rhythm guitar a little tighter, but I can't make our other guitar player sound like me), but if we had more time and money, I would have done all the rhythm tracks