My heart will go on (celine dion death metal cover)


Anssi Tenhunen
Made purely for shits and giggles, didn't even aim for good production.

tried a few new things here:

- to learn a song by ear and re-adapt it into another genre
- to do some extreme metal variant in general
- test out Ronald Passion Revolutionz (guitars are just LTD EC-1000 to Revolutionz in British B mode)
- play in drop a tuning (and noticed that I need a lot newer and thicker strings than a month old 10-46 set for this tuning)
- do death metal vocals (I need to learn to do it more from the diaphram and noticed that this song was a bit bad one to cover as it doesn't have too many lyrics)
- tried slip editing for the first time
- get the mix to -7dB RMS
- to play my heart will go on without wanting to stab myself
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lol, you big gay. This is hilarious. It would be funny if you put autotuned attackattack vocals on the 'my heart will go on' section.
oh yeah, just in case you wanted to see the before and after mastering graphics... What sausage? :)