My Pals, Please Ignore This Shiet

Vote for your FAVOURITE remaining track on Realm of Chaos:

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Oh shit, it's because I haven't been closing the polls before I make the next one, so some fuckwit voted after I'd made round 3 I guess.
I don't remember because I haven't been properly closing the polls, I totally forgot each time so people could have been voting the whole time while the next rounds were being made. Oopsies. No way to find out who voted most recently? Someone definitely snuck in some sly votes.
Disagree, actually "Eternal War" is one of the weakest on the album for me and "World Eater" is a 10/10, my absolute favourite on the album.
Ah okay so round about 7 a song on average, that's not so bad I guess. For me the "weaker" songs on this album are still 8's.
not bad at all. I have it at 4/10 on RYM

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