Need some suggestions here!

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May 25, 2009
Lately I've been in a major rut and haven't found anything that has actually kicked any MAJOR ass...

The last cd that I got that was really really good was " By Inheritance " by Artillery.

Lately some of the stuff I've been jamming is Vicious Rumors, Atheist, Psychotic Waltz, Artillery, Riot, Accept, Augury, Flotsam and Jetsam ( old ), Helloween, Helstar, Pink Cream 69 ( Andi Deris stuff ), Malevolent Creation, Martyr, Running Wild, Quo Vadis, Type O Negative, etc...

That's the sort of shit that I'm into, so does anyone have and suggestions of stuff??? Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
Well your tastes in music seem a lot like mine so I'll recommend some of my favorite bands.

Gamma Ray is definitely a band you should check out, they're probably my favorite band after Helloween. I would recommend the albums with Kai Hansen as the vocalist, my favorites are New World Order and Powerplant.

Avantasia is also very good; I would recommend their first two albums: The Metal Opera Parts 1 and 2.

Edguy are another band from the German power metal scene that is very good, although I recommend their older works such as Vain Glory Opera or Mandrake.

Some other bands worth checking out: Rage, Manticora, Laaz Rockit, Metal Church (especially the s/t album), Morgana Lefay, Dungeon, Dragonlord, Cirith Ungol, Mekong Delta

also, this thread should probably be in the Recommendations section so don't be surprised if it gets moved/locked
Yea man, I actually saw Gamma Ray with Helloween last year in Hollywood... Top notch show. Edguy, Rage, Laaz Rockit, Morgana Lefay, & Mekong Delta are all good too, have cds from all of them. Was jamming Trapped! from Rage earlier today actually.

Didn't even notice there was a recommendations section, haha, thanks for the heads up though! I'll repost there.

For more speed/power along the lines of Helstar and Vicious Rumors, try Slauter Xstroyes' Free the Beast album. Coroner's No More Color is excellent tech-thrash, and should work for anyone that loves By Inheritance. If you like both of those, get Realm's Endless War and Suiciety for a merging of technical thrash and speed/power.
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