Nevermore in Calgary = sad work by promoter

john MacLeod

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Oct 3, 2001
Tonight Nevermore play in Calgary and I have yet to see a poster in the streets of Calgary for the show. I have seen a few posters in two record stores.

What does all this mean? Well I went and bought a ticket yesterday at one of two places selling tickets and the had sold (prior to me) ONE whole ticket...

So it looks like a few of us in Calgary, Canada will get to witness a nearly private show with Nevermore. I don't understand why promoters think they can make money this way...

Well, at least they are coming to Calgary! But what a switch this will be from the other times I have seen Nevermore - Wacken and in Detroit @ Harpos...In a dump of a club in the metal wasteland of Calgary...

John MacLeod
The promoting done here in Edmonton was good. Whyte Ave. was littered with posters on almost every other streetpost, and there was a 'decent' turn out last night. Perhaps only a hundred, but enough, considering that the venue was depressingly small. Very great show though!!!
Also, at Calgary's show tonight, prepare to get your ass kicked by the opener Into Eternity. They played a very awesome set of Progressive/Death Metal last night, with great 2-3 part vocal harmonies. :) I almost thought they would risk upstaging Nevermore, but then Nevermore hit the stage, and BOY DID THEY KICK MY ASS! :)
Never really got into Dead Heart as much as their other albums, but all of the material on that disc kicks so much ass live, and they managed to play a few older favorites too, This Sacrament, Seven Tongues, Beyond Within, etc. Woo hoo! :)
I went to the Edmonton show and I would consider going to the Calgary one too, but it's just too late for me to drive home afterwards, especially two nights in a row.

The Edmonton show ruled. I was right in front of Loomis since the second or third song. This was the best concert I have ever been to.

What makes me mad is that I didn't talk to Jeff when I saw him in the bar around 8pm. Oh well, that was still a great night.
Yes, I will have to agree, it was the best concert I've ever been to as well. And I've been to quite a few good ones. The only low point of the evening for me was hearing Thorazine. Nothing against the band, but their style of Death Metal is SOOOOOO not what I'm into. The vocal growls get really old, really fast, and with not too much melody in the guitar work, I'm left with nothing at all worth listening to. :)
Originally posted by ledmag
Ive only seen them on my VCR

Ledmag!!!! Dude, you gotta DRIVE from your place, man!!! We drove 4 1/2 hours from Rochester to see them in Akron, and granted, they were only opening, but partying with them after kicked FUCKING ASS !!!!! That is the best!!!! Then we drove another 3 hours to see them in Toronto, come on dude!!! THEY ARE WORTH IT...

see ya on the other board.

Yes, I highly recommend checking out Into Eternity live if you ever get the chance. I still don't have either of their CDs, since their label has crap all distribution here in Canada, but check out the latest issue of Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, # 54 I think. Into Eternity have a track on that sampler CD called Shallow and it kicks major ass! It's just as cool live, except the keyboard parts are missing, but when they sing the chorus with 2 and then 3 vocalists, it's really quite amazing to hear. :) Plus the way the main vocalist can suddenly switch from his clean voice to his 'Deathy/Blacky growl/rasp' is almost scary, hehehe.
Hey AttleseyC, testofwills was talking about the show at the Kathedral which happened a few weeks ago. the shows sound wasn't the best, but the show altogether was incredible. The show testofwills is talking about was also at the Kathedral(which she mentioned) and the show you are talking about was at the Reverb Room, which was with Opeth, Angel Dust, Candiria(who blow infinite amounts of dog shit) and Cyptopsy(who kick lots of ass). Yes, that show was good. I hope I cleared things up, because I think you were mistaken as to what show she was saying wasn't too great.
Cool, someone else from Hamilton. The only poeple I know from Hamilton that like this music are poeple I introduce the music too. And this one guy down town asked me if I was wearing a Quo Vadis, which I was. So, thats the best here in Hamilton for real metalheads and Neverheads.

No, i'm not going to see Enslaved in Novermber. Don't know much of them. And it would be impossible for me to get a ride there even if I wanted to go because I always go with my brothers and one of them drive(I can't). I was going to go to see Amon Amarth in November, but that got postponed because Marduk can't get into America or something among those lines, which means no Amon Amarth. :mad:

I go to shows in Toronto though when ever the band is good enough and I have a ride, actually only when I have a ride. I would have wanted to go see Cannibal Corpse and Dimmu Borgir, but that didn't happen. So far i've seen Nevermore w/Opeth and Cryptopsy, Nevermore again, Quo Vadis, Cradle of Filth, and I saw Tool at the ACC.