New chick...


Ms. Wanderlust
Well, I'm not so good with introductions, but...hi. :)

I haven't posted on a metal forum in a while. I signed up here and just lurked around for a while, and decided, "What the hell," and finally make an introduction.

I'm 31, originally from New York, now living in Louisiana.

I have a weird sense of humor, I like to drink, and I spend a lot of money on metal.

I'm mostly into the pagan/Viking/folk stuff, but am pretty open, if it's good.

Well, I look forward to posting here some more, I think I'll like the Philosophy section. :p

P.S. - I originally signed up with another screen name, it seems it never got approved, so I signed up with another one real quick to see if it would get approved, and it did. There was nothing offensive about the other screen name. Oversight, maybe? Oh, well.