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Cynotis Productions

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Aug 8, 2015

Finally, after a long hiatus Cynotis Productions is proud to present...

'LTM - Shells' CD

Hidden for over a decade, laying dormant like plague in stasis, the debut offering 'Shells' by LTM is now unleashed. These nameless & faceless figures create maddening, unrelenting forms of sonic horror. As a blade through flesh & with anatomical precision the soundscapes of LTM will leave one scarred...Like a refined surgery without anesthesia.

"Hearken...the Goatmass Partial Awakening"

For fans of Portal, Deathspell Omega, Ulcerate, Adversarial etc.
Released as a 5 track MCD featuring nearly 20 minutes of sonic dread, pro pressed foldout colour booklet, etched on a full black polycarbonate disc.
First 25 copies are a limited edition with a hand numbered cover art card!
Limited Cassette edition available very soon!

Listen to 'Goatmass Partial Awakening' on Youtube -

$10 AUS - Postage paid within Australia.
$18 AUS - Postage Paid Worldwide

'OTHRS - Broken Dialogue'
Standing as a monument to Abyssal Nihilism, Australia's Black Metal theologians SPIRE have led us to the edge of the Great void previously. M.R. the creative mind & founding figure bestows unto us a new vision...OTHRS
A cold journey revealed in six chapters, exploring the furthest reaches of the Great void. A mere glimpse, a solemn reflection into Man's most revered & primal fascination...COSMOS.

For fans of Spire, Seasonal Code, Blut Aus Nord etc.
Released as a 6 track CD featuring nearly 40 minutes of ambient Black Metal soundscapes, pro pressed foldout colour booklet and CD artwork etched on a black polycarbonate disc.
Limited Cassette edition available very soon!

Listen to 'Black Tide' on Youtube and Soundcloud -

$10 AUS - Postage paid within Australia.
$18 AUS - Postage Paid Worldwide