NEW INTERVIEW with Mikael Stanne!!

Feanor IV

Jan 22, 2002
Athens, Greece

Menelaos from here! Well, we've just uploaded an absolutely great interview with the band's singer, the mighty Mikael Stanne on our pages! Find it directly at and learn about the new album, the tours, the lyrics, the music and... how "Format C: For Cortex" could lead the band to jail!! ;)

Please let me know how you like it!

Best wishes,
The stuff on Format C: for Cortex was really interesting, I'm glad you pressed him on the matter (Mikael was clearly pleased to answer something he hadn't done 1000 times already). More interviews should concentrate on the artists revealing their thougths about their music. I find it quite amusing that everything was ok with the first edition of Damage Done untill they put in the movie. Quicktime is EVIL! That is what you get for using quicktime.
Yeah, cool stuff, I'm surprised that I actually interpreted Format C: for Cortex correctly, if I had to explain the song I'd explain in the exact same way. It's also cool to see him say that he likes the structure of the title track Damage Done cause that totally blew me away too.
Q: So, how important are lyrics for Dark Tranquillity compared to music?

A: I don't know! (laughs) For me they're very important of course, but the other guys, except for Nicklas don't even read them!!