Review for A Natural Disaster at

Feanor IV

Jan 22, 2002
Athens, Greece
Hi there,

We have reviewed the new ANATHEMA album, "A Natural Disaster" at, and I thought I'd post it here, in case anyone is interested. The link to the review is: . If you come over and read the review, you could also take a look at our forum (board: Album Reviews & Recommendations) and post your opinion there ;)

Oh, by the way, the album got itself a 10 out of 10! And it's a year since I last gave this grade to any album!!! :)

Wishes from Greece,
what the fuck how did I type sentinel instead of sentient? Hahahahahahahaha, I would just love to know what I was thinking of at the moment, but i can't remember :):) I was probably in that other world where the new cd took me ;) Probably it's called sentinel in that world :)
"They don't care about being heavy, or being in any certain way. They just create music, not caring about any type of boundaries, and this what I respect the most."

that sums it up for me. it's what it's all about really. :Spin:

and when the fuck will the tour dates be announced goddammit? i'll travel to athens too probably. :yell:
btw im coming to athens too :Spin: and tniki, and wherever they might play in greece :)

joy o joy :hotjump:
Feanor IV said:
@sol83: Travel to athens? Where do you live? BTW, are you going to come for Katatonia?
thessaloniki menw. katatonia tha paw mono an bw tzaba. ena filaraki exei kone kai borei na me valei alla den xerw akoma. einai polla ta lefta gia eishthrio.
thanks for your positive feedback people :):)

@sol83: katatonia prepei na einai kali fasi, opote tha paw (tha mpw tsampa;)). Ante, kai meta kai amorphis, kai moonspell, kai elpizoume opeth kai anathema! :) Provlepetai kalos xeimwnas!!! :D