New Megadeth bassist announced


Mar 30, 2005
North Dakota
MEGADETH have announced the addition of former BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/WHITE LION bassist James Lomenzo to the group's ranks. Lomenzo joins the band as the replacement for James MacDonough (ex-ICED EARTH), who was officially dismissed from the group on February 10, 2006.

"I want to thank Jimmy for everything and wish him the best in his future endeavors," MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine said in a statement. "He is knowledgable and a good enough bassist to run his own outfit, and I look forward to what he does musically."

Mustaine added, "It was recommeded I check out James Lomenzo by a friend, because I was uncertain which direction I wanted to take with the bassist prior to starting the next record, and everything just clicked."

Lomenzo will perform with MEGADETH at their next scheduled live appearance, which is set for March 16 at the Desert Rock 2006 festival in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

For more information on Lomenzo, visit his official web site.

Hm...I will have to hear anything to make a judgement.
Agreed. Not exactly who I would have picked for Bass, but I have never heard him, so I'll wait before I judge.
James Lomenzo, despite being in Whitelion back in the day is a great bass player! Mustaine has a way of getting good player and making him great! Look at Jimmie Degrasso?! Average drummer that got better when he signed on.... I thought James was the best fit for the band, I wonder if we'll ever know what happened?! Maybe it has soemething to do with songs? It's Dave's baby and no one will come in and try to direct him on how to run his band?
JonnyD said:
my judgement is already passed ... No Elf=not real Megadeth ..... on the other hand .... Lomenzo will do great in Megadave

I'm with JD on this one. I had a small hope about Junior returning but nanay. I can't comment on Lomenzo's abbilities but I have a hunch he's not what Megadeth needs.
TheWhisper said:
To be fair, and honest, I really liked the last album, but, seeing the band live, it was just DM and some wasn't Megadeth.

See, when I saw them on the first tour back when Exodus was opening for them, it felt like Megadeth. When I saw them at Roseland Ballroom in NY, NY back in November 2004, that was easily one of the best, if not THE best, show I have ever attended.

However, I saw them at both NY dates for Gigantour... THAT felt like Mustaine and some sidemen. And he REALLY needs to get some aggression back into his live vocals.
Break Zero said:
Agreed. Not exactly who I would have picked for Bass, but I have never heard him, so I'll wait before I judge.

Tough to judge his talent due to the style of White Lion as well as having to play rythm to Guitar God Vito Bratta. Strange decision though.