New symphonic metal mix


Aug 2, 2007
New track by the prolific Sonus Mortis
I finished mixing the new EP on Saturday.
Mixing dense symphonic metal in drop A# ain't easy :)
Unboosted channel 3 of EVH 5150 to recto cab cut through best.
Leads are on ts808 boosted 6505.
57 and 421 into API mic preamps.
Bass is Warwick thumb bass into Darkglass B7K.
Drums are EZDrummer Made of Metal with added samples.
Strings etc are all from Reason.
Vocals recorded with Studio Projects T3 valve mic.
Drawmer 1968me bus compressor slammed 8dB.

This is a one man project. He only released an album recently and has this new EP coming out in a few weeks.
Here is a review for the recent album.
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