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Sep 17, 2006
We regret to inform you that due to reasons out of our control will Novembre not participate on the Hellhounds festival tour in February. But with that said we have some positive news for you as well: Novembre will now team up with EVERGREY for a European tour in April 2009! We believe this will make a lovely package for you. So keep your eyes open for updates on this one!

Apart from this, we must also apologize for the lack of updates on the Novembre home page. This is something we'll do better this year with a new webmaster!

:kickass: More updates is always good.
directly from their mysapce page:

After the setback with the Hellhounds festival tour we instantly got offered an opportunity to team up with Evergrey for new tour in April. All shows got booked in fine venues. But we now regret to inform you that there will be no tour this time either.
Due to circumstances completely out of our control the tour will be cancelled. We would have loved to perform all these shows for you, but as with the Hellhounds tour we can’t do much about it as we rely on several other parties, varying from agents to other bands, and their decisions.

But even though this unfortunate chain of events occurred, we won’t be brought down. The process of writing material for a new album has already started and we WILL make sure there will be another tour for all of you fans out there.

I dunno what to think, is it possible they're always so unlucky with tour?:ill:
from Blabbermouth:

NOVEMBRE (Italy), SATURNUS (Denmark), ATARAXIE (France), HELEVORN (Spain) and AATHMA (Spain) have been confirmed for the first edition of the Madrid Is The Dark Fest, set to take place September 11-12 at Ritmo y Compas in Madrid, Spain.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

So the line up reads as it follows

September 11:


September 12:


For more information, visit
Have read somewhere that Evergrey should tour Europe when summer's over, don't remember if September or November, but don't if Novembre is supposed tu support 'em as it was foreseen for April 2009. Did you hear anything?
novembre will not play in the dark fest, they cancelled... again

but instead it seems novembers doom will take their place
Oh, I know, I know. I was just saying.. I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing Saturnus live a few years ago, it was absolutely mesmerizing.

I had tickets to see Novembre once, but the tour was canceled :erk:
If they ever do come around, I'll be there that's for damn sure. I am not missing a chance to see one of my favorite bands.