News from Jukka


Mar 10, 2012

Jukka attended the event Rock in Sandhamn. I gathered rockers and known athletes to play football with the men of the army. EPM Finland was one of the sponsors. In Jukka event gave a few words about Nightwish and your health. "Before, I just played the drums. And now I see the circumstances materialize and has been incredible," said Jukka "In the end, the band changed, especially live, compared to the beginning. And we will continue to see changes again in the future, but I think now that we have a very good audience." It is possible that Nevelainen return to Nightwish someday? "The current tour is being pulled, and then it will be a gap. What happens then? Anything is possible. I'm still involved in Nightwish activities because I manage the band's business. Before I played drums, that's the difference "says Jukka

Jukka says he likes the new activities "The day before yesterday I was playing for fun. And I have no more problems with insomnia.
Things are going extremely well, "said Jukka

(I get the impression he may not be interested in returning to the drum stool)