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Savatage setlists are available on their website. They are generally the same with like 2-3 songs being changed every night.
Nevermore, however, is probably gonna play a bunch of songs from dead heart, and one song from dreaming and politics each. Just a guess. :D
I Posted this SHOW review on the Pantera BB back in May..

God Forbid, Opeth, and Nevermore ALL were bad ass. God Forbid was 1st (Good stage pressence and good music). Angel Dust was 2nd and I didn't care much for them, the music is almost comparable to Nevermore's but lacking that extra EDGE. 3rd was the band I paid to see..Opeth!! They truely now how to play. They sounded excellent, very much like on their studio releases. Mikael's death growl was in place and the drummer has some amazing double bass. The guitar work is also very impressive.

White Cluster
Drapery Falls
Under A Weeping Moon
April Ethereal
Demon Of The Fall

They did play the majority of those songs, instead of cutting them in half which I previously thought they would do. I think there were a few other riffs from some other songs, but those were the noticable "complete" songs..

Next was NEVERMORE!!
This was my very first Nevermore experience. They are VERY talented, I normally don't care for the power-type vocals, but they did put on a GREAT show, the singer ranted a bit about how their new video will never be seen on TV because he doesn't rap like a whiney little bitch. I thought that was hillarious and it got the crowd going. Only a few pits broke during the faster songs, I was always in the middle of them getting my excercise.. The guitarists are brilliant and their drummer was also dead on. I cant name too many of the songs because of my lack of Nevermore knowledge but they did play Evolution 169, Dead Heart in a Dead World, No More Will, Believe in Nothing, Inside Four Walls, and I think The Learning, they also played the intro to South Of Heaven(SLAYER!!!!!) GOOD FN SHOW!! HAIL METAL!!!!!

*That week after the show I went out and bought DHIADW, later followed by DNB and recently the Believe In Nothing single
*ALSO seeing Nevermore again Sept 12th and will have a better review because of my newley aquired Nevermore "knowledge"


(Post from other guy-Jeffery on Opeth board)
"I had a great time at the Nevermore/Opeth/Angel Dust show in Phoenix 5/17/2001. Okay, first the usual negatives; crappy sound in a small, hot, overcrowded club. And the first band, God Forbid, IMHO should not have even been there. The promoters should have let the other bands play longer instead of having a mediocre 4th band.

Angel Dust. They had problems with the sound at first. However, they put on a great 30 minute set. Highlights for me: Bleed and Cross of Hatred. The new guitar player seems to fit really well. I wished they had played longer. Nice guys too.

Opeth. First of all, I don't know where some people get the idea they have no stage presence. Opeth are fantastic live. They remind me very much of Pain of Salvation, not in music, in professional stage attitude. Perhaps it's the Sweden thing, but these guys do not concern themselves with image, and make the MUSIC the primary focus. They seem very down to earth. Highlights for me: White Cluster, Drapery Falls, Demon of The Fall. Excellent!

Nevermore. Wow! I like them even more now that I've seen them live. Warrel has a great stage delivery, and he has a good time doing it. Jeff Loomis is an amazing guitar player. He really knows how play that 7 string. One of the best live guitarists I've seen in a while. The rest of the band is tight and fun. They played nearly all of DHIADW. Highlights for me: We Disinigrate, Evolution 169, River Dragon, Ophidian.

Aside from the venue annoyances, a great show and highly recommended. The bands showed the diversity and talent that makes real metal so special. And of course, these bands deserve more recognition, success, and better venues. "
Nevermore rocked, I thought the May 17 show was a little better(crowd, length of play, setlist) but was still awesome. GeniusGonInsane setlist was correct and accurate, I jotted down the songs as they were played..again here's the setlist. P.S. I don't have Savatage's set but they played great too, that keyboard/vocalist was awesome as well.
1. Engines Of Hate
2. This Sacrament
3. The River Dragon Has Come
4. Narcosynthesis
5. The Heart Collector
6. Inside Four Walls
7. Next In Line
8. Dead Heart In A Dead World
9. The Sounds Of Silence

nevermore played in waken the following songs:

narcosynthesis (great opener)
inside four walls
evolution 169
believe in nothing
the river dragon has come (great)
the heart collector
beyond within (i guess...i didnt know DNB back then)
abd ppl told me that they played white rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe there were one or two more but i dont know anymore...

it was the best wacken gig! :deb: :deb: :deb:

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