Northern Storm Records

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Oct 16, 2005
Colorado, USA
Sorry if this is in the wrong topic or if it needs to be locked. I just want to make sure I can get the message out:

Back in October (23rd), I ordered an album and I had to go through a guy named Brent Lockman who is apparently president of this place. Well, to make it short and sweet, I ordered it ($15) and it never came. I opened a dispute with PayPal and emailed this dude, I was polite about the issue. In his own words:

"Hail Bryan We've been having entirely too many issues over the mail this year, anyways my assumption is the album got lost in the mail, we have a fed ground account now which we'll use to send you a new copy in the next couple days, my apologies on this causing you any grief. Cheers!"

And again in my email

"Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 17:40:42 -0500
Subject: RE: Cost to U.S.?

Hail Bryan

I sent you a message on paypal about this, stupid e-mail server declared this as junk mail, I do apologise for that you should have your copy of the record by early next week at the latest.


Brent C. Lockman
President, Northern Storm Records

Northern Storm Records
126 Olive Ave
Toronto, ON
M2N 4P1
Canada "

Figuring my business was done with Mr. Lockman, I closed the dispute. Well, apparently, my business is NOT done as it's been nearly TWO months and I STILL have not received my album yet. It's been almost a month since Mr. Lockman said I would have it and there must have been a mix-up. As well, I've emailed Mr. Lockman multiple times to discuss the issue with him and have been ignored each time.

So to finalize, DO NOT deal with Northern Storm Records or Brent Lockman unless you too wish to have your money stolen from you. Brent Lockman is a liar and a thief and I recommend you do not order anything from his label.
Thats harsh....I checked out there site, and it appears as though they only have one artist? Will of the Ancients. Though I haven't listened to it, I did download that album a while back.

Though I've never actually ordered anything online before.
Not open for further replies.