Now comes the garbage in the aftermath....

This fits in the larger trend of our response to recent events, and I generally lament it.

When I think of civilization I think of higher and nobler qualities of being, such as strength and honesty and that willingness to be open and accept things the way they are. I think these qualities are ultimately the only things that vindicate america's existence. (yes I am an idealist) I think we do the families and victims of last week an injustice by being so hypersensitive to everything.

We (americans) are in danger of becoming a nation of effeminate cowards, hiding from our problems, dousing them in delusions, or else mindlessly reacting to things in the name of jingoism. For instance, in new york, if you talk about bush in a negative attitude in a bar or on the streets, no matter if you mean well, or if your criticisms are valid, you'll catch a black-eye. (...which is why I will confine my bush bashing to these boards, thank you very much. :eek: )
actually, speaking from experience, it's not allowed here either. :mad:

but some of those songs were just ridiculous! Fuel -- Bad Day???? What, we're only allowed to play happy songs now? crazy
I couldn't agree more with them banning those songs. And while we're at it, I think the following words should be banned:

world, trade, center, fire, rubble, crash, air, plane, pentagon, box, cutter, fact all human communication should be limited to primitive grunts and gestures, as not to offend anyone.

Seriously though this is some of the most rediculous shit I've ever heard. If a person takes offense or becomes otherwise emotionally distrought over listening to AC/DC (for something other than the retchedness of the singer's voice, which would be understandable) they should not be allowed to procreate.

Just my opinion though...
Originally posted by dune_666
If a person comes over listening to AC/DC (which would be understandable) they should be allowed to procreate.

Just my opinion though...

As long as we limit communication to the essence of what we are trying to say....I suppose it will be harder for me to decipher the subliminals in your posts if you only type grunting sounds, though.
The list has some discrepancies. "Ruby Tuesday" and "Tuesday's Gone" are banned, but not "Tuesday's Dead" by Cat Stevens, though two OTHER Cat Stevens songs ARE banned: "Peace Train" and "Morning has Broken." What's with that?

They should ban that gospel song.. "And the walls came tumbling down." and maybe any of those 50s songs about the greaser-turned-lover-who-dies-in-a-horrible-car-wreck.

People are constantly looking for something to censor. Every chance they get, they'll claim that a song or book will offend the emotions or sensibilities of a small handful of people who could certainly learn to cope. If the songs are so offensive in this time of strife, then why have "terrorist movie" rentals and sales skyrocketed? "The Siege" is on the top 3 dvd SALES. That's never been occupied by anything but a new release.

People don't want to be whitewashed. Give 'em all you've got and they'll learn to adapt on their own.

Oh yeah.. and is "Walk Like an Egyptian" banned because of the Arabic connotations in the word "Egyptian"?? :p

At this exact juncture in time I wish Frank Zappa was still alive even more than I normally do.

This is absolutely atrocious. I suppose the fact that it's just some radio network's decision is fine, they can pick to play or not play whatever they want. But if this was imposed on a larger scale... man...

Remember how we were mocking Malaysia for banning "heavy music" for it's alleged connection to satanic rituals, etc.? (the origins of the "Got Goat's Blood" conversation) The fact that this laughable censorship is being willfully undertaken in the united states is just disgusting.

Alice In Chains, "Rooster"?
Soundgarden, "Black Hole Sun"?
Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"?