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Oak Knoll Productions
May 17, 2002
Attleboro, MA USA
Hi, after almost 20 metal years, collecting metal music (like 4,000 cds now) and recently giving up on my webzine efforts (everyone is doing them now), I have focused on making my startup record label more of a reality.

I have one full release on my label from the melodic death metal band WARBLADE plus an assortment of other bands (black, doom, more death) that I'm promoting via demo distribution until we work out plans etc for more official releases. (Born of Thorns, Enormity, Spazmosity!)

Please come visit my site (Oak Knoll Productions).
I would love to make new metal pals - share my enthusiasm to seek out obscure extreme metal bands, etc (almost too trekky!)

I also run a internet radio station called Into The Pandemonium (live 365 station)

I hope to see you on my site soon - chat on aim (I'm on as jrb2971 - but you have to email me 1st - I block anonymous users not on my buddy list)

Please check out WARBLADE (mp3s here)- they sound like Dark Tranquility meets Iron Maiden.. meets.. :) You can buy Warblade and my other band demos on my site (paypal, etc). Plus I really make a great metal music connoisseur - open to chatting about new metal bands - recommendations etc! Please feel free to email me and chat me on AIM.

Dark New England Woods, USA

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