Oak Knoll update!

Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll Productions
May 17, 2002
Attleboro, MA USA
label activity and news

the Shroud and Withersoul master is on it's way to the pressing plant and hopefully should be done within 2 weeks or less

Shroud is still trying out new singers and maybe a 3rd guitarist

Oak Knoll is on the verge of trying to sign a deal with the Green Evening Requiem about distribution and maybe a new full cd

Withersoul and TGER (Green Evening) are playing a show at Jaxx in VA in March opening for Green Carnation (woo hoo!)
Withersoul has their eyes set on a new full length cd and OKP is right behind them all the way.

Darkflight and Ars Moriendi have their master ready and we are finalizing artwork on OK split series vol 2

The Living Fields and Solemnus split is just finishing up layout/artwork/text and the master is probably all set to go for OK split series vol 3

Evermork is currently writing new material for their followup to their last cd. Expect something in 2006.

Spazmosity is interested in releasing a split.. we are eying the local NY/MA band Nephillim for this.

Calmsite is working on a video for a song off their latest cd as they continue to write up some new songs for a future release

Born of Thorns is currenlty wrapping up some new material and it's still up in the air if we can convince them to go through Oak Knoll on this release.

Black Harvest is possibly returning back from a hiatus and they are potentially seeking a full time drummer and bassist in the PA area.

Warblade is playing out once again after a hiatus.

Fireborn is playing a great deal of great shows thanks to Matt! also they have a side project Dragonwind which is being released on OKP in the future.

Chamber of Sorrows is planning a release on OKP late summer.

Triarchy having agreed to work with OKP on distribution of their demo is considering working with OKP for a full cd.. but they need to concentrate on recording it first without me pestering them :)

I also heard Fall of Empyrean might be back in action!

I'll add more news as I remember it...
Good morning Jeremy - Our next show is going to be available on the web as a bittorrent file. One thing I was thinking was if you're up for it, do you have the ability to create a 30 second or 60 second commercial for Oak Knoll? Let's talk about this a little more. I am finalizing my playlist for the next show tonight and then I need to see if I can shoot this weekend.
Sure! I personally don't think bit torrent is going to help get your show out there.. it's worth a shot. I think you just need to recompress/resample/optimize your show and put it out for download or podcasting. Unless bit torrent is for you to help share the bandwidth for downloading around the world. Then that is what's it's for. I need to get you that sorenson squeeze program http://www.sorensonmedia.com/solutions/prod/comp_win.php