Ohio Show

It was cancelled? Dude, that really sucks. The only thing worse than a band that you love not playing where you are is when they say they will and then they don't!
i wasnt actually going to that show, just curious about it, since i saw them the night before in VA. i agree that a cancellation is the alltime worst, its happened to me way too many times
The explanation given at the club was that Warrel didn't want to sing 12 nights in a row. It wasn't that bad for me since I live 10 minutes away, but people there came from about 3 hours away. I'll probably get some free tickets to something now, so alls well that ends well I guess.

NP:Opeth - Black Rose Immortal - Morningrise
Four friends, and myself bought tickets to go the 5-7 show in Ohio, and were damn glad that we called to check the time, as we were about to drive 6 hours/275 miles to go to this show! No explanation, nothing, just cancelled! You wanna talk about a major let down! We have been dying to see them, took off work, and for nothing! Now, we have to go through the hassel of driving 2 hours to return the tickest!
Oh well, garauntee that Tool won't cancel their show for Thursday night in Chicago!
I was gonna drive the 200 miles to this show as well. Good thing I heard about the cancellation the night before on another message board. Only got to see Opeth with Amorphis in Detroit and wanted to see them again. Oh well, there are lots of people that didn't get to see them at all.