Online Death/Thrash/Black Metal project


New Metal Member
Dec 12, 2009
El Paso, Texas
Hey I am Taylor. I am trying to find another like minded guitarist and a bassist and vocalist to help me out with an online band. I am currently in the military so that makes it very hard to find a band, and if I get in one it makes it very hard to tour and play shows. I am looking for another guitarist who has experience in song writting, leads and rhthyms, and knows what a good guitar tone is. I am looking for a bassist who is also experienced in his craft and can go between a clean bass tone to a distorted bass tone. And a singer who has a very dynamic range. High screams to low growls. If you can preform backup vocals that is a plus.

A little bit about my self. I have played the guitar for almost 18 years. I have recorded a lot of solo material but am bored with that and I am kind of on a writters block. I have spent half of my time as a musician in bands so I have always had that helping hand. Anyways I am pretty good at programming drums. I have gone to school for record engineering and mixing/mastering. I have pretty good equipment to record with. Here is a list of what I have...

Cubase SX 3 (i have yet to upgrade)
M-Audio Monitors
M-Audio MIDI Keyboard
Line 6 Tone Port UX8
Drumkit From Hell
All of the Waves Bundles
Thousands of VST instruments (I collect them)
BBE SOnic Maximiser
Samson 31band EQ

2 Ibanez RG7620s with EMG7/81s
Jackson Sweetone with EMG 81
Schecter Hellraiser Stock
Aslin Dane Custom 7 String with EMG 7/81

Rocktron Chameleon Blackface Preamp
Digitech 2112 Preamp
ENGL E530 Preamp
Rocktron Velocity 250 Poweramp
Peavey 5150
Peavey XXX
Peavey Supreme 160
Marshall 1960 A and B cabs

I usually record my Rocktron Chameleon preamp direct with my Toneport set up with the microphone pre amplifiers.

Having similar gear is not a must but the same recording interfaces so that we can exchange songs for editing and mixing together is a must. I am willing to learn a new DAW if you guys have some other then Cubase SX3 and Drumkit From Hell. I am also willing to share the stuff to so let me know.

my email is if you are interested or have any questions.