Opeth and Fates Warning :)


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No no no, they're not touring together. That'd be cool though! hehe When I was visiting with the Fates guys last night after the show, they played the Damnation cd. They said they play that cd EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ray loves it and now all the other guys do too. They were anxious to hear other Opeth stuff, so I gave them my cdr of Blackwater Park and Still Life. :)
I just saw Fates Warning with Queensryche and Dream Theater a couple of weeks ago. I only wished they had played Anarchy Divine, but I have always been a FW fan.
Fates were excellent when I saw them...Ray Alder was in top form as an energetic frontman, and breaking into Shutdown (from the OSI project, if you don't know) midway through Life In Still Water was a great surprise...and it was followed by one of their best songs, Monument.

And I could have guessed that they liked Opeth...Death Whispered A Lullaby played over the PA at Jones Beach shortly before they took the stage. :)
Squeak said:
@segas - prog metal/power metal. They have been around since the mid 80s.

@ Dreamer - yes, I was taking photos at Concord Pavilion.

That was an awesome concert. I thought Queensryche was going to be all washed up, but to my surprise they actually put on a better show (IMO) than Dream Theater. And then the whole jam session at the end the night...it was just great.

Oh, did you happen to see that one freaky guy in the audience (sitting pretty close to the stage) wearing mini shorts, cowboy boots, and a short cut blouse who was doing karate/dance moves the whole night??? Quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen.