Opeth and Fates Warning :)

Hell, that's cool as shit Squeak! I'm willing to bet (though I could be wrong) that Portnoy turned Jim on to Damnation... Heck, I've always thought I heard some similarities between Opeth and Fates Warning, but most people just say I'm an idiot for making the comparison... Go figure... I'd say a good 60% of the riffs on Morningrise sound like Perfect Symmetry era Fates... (In particular, At Fates Hands/Fingers...) Please, somebody tell me I'm not insane!!!
Well, I don't really mean it sounds the same or anything like that, obviously... Just, for some reason, about 60% of the riffs on Morningrise remind me of certain things Fates has done... Hard to explain... (Don't hold me to it, heh heh...)