Opeth in Guitar Player magazine


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Jun 23, 2001
While in the library today, I looked through the Guitar Player magazines, and what to my wandering eyes should appear, but, Opeth featured in a few columns. The only column which I have scanned so far talks about Opeth's use of harmony. I have the image uploaded for all to view. So, without further ado..the image.

P.S. I will scan the other article soon, which continues about Opeth's musical style.

Opeth in Guitar Player
Alright, here's the other article. I was feeling pretty bored tonight, and was also feeling pretty nice:) so I decided to just scan it tonight. This one quotes Mikael a bit more. I'm too tired to type a description, just, read and enjoy!

The Buzz section article on Opeth from Guitar Player (Warning, 390 KB :eek: )

P.S. In case any of you were wondering, since I didn't mention it before, it is from the July 2001 issue of Guitar Player.