Opeth merchandise


May 2, 2006
Helsinki, Finland
hey guys,
I'm going to visit Stockholm this july and I was wondering if people who live in Stockholm can direct me to a metal store where I can buy opeth merchandise - T-shirts and stuff...

thanks for the helpers,
Cheers! :kickass:
There's a store called Rockzone in Stockholm. It's located on Drottninggatan 10 (Queen Street), not too far from Gamla Stan (The Old Town).
They sell the official Opeth Merch (Razamataz's the company that publish them.), mostly Shirts though. Bought my Ghost Reveries T-Shirt there.

If you can't seem to find it, just ask directions ;)

Oh and by the way, not many people in Sweden know of Opeth (sadly enough), so there's no idea in asking people about the band.
The swedish people don't know they're metal, but they do in Norway, which is located west of Sweden ;)