Opeth powertabs


...no ordinary rabbit
Jul 2, 2004
Cambridge, UK
Does anyone have any opeth powertabs they can email me? They had to shut the site down i believe....

I know wankerness did some awesome ones, and in fact i had some of his, but i dunno if he still posts here.

If anyone can help me out it would be awesome....im not exactly brilliant at figuring out stuff for myself (its a patience thing mainly) and so powertabs are great.

Many thanks
1. The powertabs are mostly at ultimate-guitar.com, yes

2. I have updated a few of mine, I'm currently working on putting them on my site and linking to it in my sig so people can actually get at them ;P

3. Find my post from a couple days ago called updated/finished ghost reveries tabs if you want the five I've done off of GR, GoP and IY are vastly different from the versions on Ultimateguitar and Baying of the Hounds isn't on UG.

4. Here's a zip of all of mine if you don't want to mess with UG: http://www.emotears.com/~wankerness/wanktabs.zip (but get the GR ones out of that post I linked, the zip doesn't have baying of the hounds or the updates I did to TGC, GoP, and IY)