Opeth Song Tournament: Round 2

Thank you. While I've got someone's attention, anyone mind telling me how I go about dismissing that dastardly red X that is in place of my avatar? I did not specify any URL for one when I registered, and now that X resides there. Feh. Back to the control panel I go to try and fix this.

Opeth rules!

You have to host avatars yourself (or get someone else to host them). I don't know how you fix it other than hosting an avatar. :confused:
The Night and the Silent Water
Black Rose Immortal
The Drapery Falls
Forest of October
To Bid You Farewell
The Twilight Is My Robe
Dirge for November
Godhead's Lament

In Mist She Was Standing is the best Opeth song by the way!!!
April Ethereal
Face Of Melinda
Demon Of The Fall
To Bid You Farewell
Moonlapse Vertigo
Godhead Lament