May 16, 2010
Hi guys,

I am a beta tester for Ownhammer and I'd like to present to you the new 'Heavy Hitters Collection' impulse response pack.
Kevin from OH has worked on this pack for 6 months with a lot of attention for detail and passion for quality!
I made a video that explains the contents briefly.
There are also some audio examples in this video:

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.
I also recommend visiting the Ownhammer website.
All the contents of this pack are described very easily here:

If you want to hear more audio examples, there are 6 videos on my channel that use this IR pack.

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Got my hands on these and I gotta say these are among the best commercial IRs I've ever tried! Wrote a short song with the Diezel and Mesa combination on main rhythm, really crushing tone!