Paradise Lost - Believe In Nothing


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Paradise Lost - Believe In Nothing
EMI - 2001
John Knudsen

Firstly I will recommend everyone who think Host is crap to read on, because it seems the guys in Paradise Lost has rediscovered the guitar!!! Instead of selling out as I personally thought they had with Host, they're back to the days when I think they were best (unfortunately this aint the Gothic days, but in my opinion the Draconian Times days!). The opener 'I am Nothing' seems at first listen a bit "popped", but after the lyrics have burned into my brain, I must admit that it's more enjoyable than all the songs on Host.

"On hopeless days I sit and justify,
a wholesome life, of which I'm so deprived,
I hope and pray, that I won't stay around,
too long to stain, 'cause I am nothing..."

Those lyrics just get me in the right mood for the rest of the CD, and I must say that it just keeps on growing. The next track 'Mouth' is also their first single from this album, the opening riff is really cool, but when the chorus comes in you sit back with a kinda empty feeling. It never really holds on to me, but it's in the same style as the rest of the album, and on this track they certainly show that they know how to play guitar!

Track number 3 'Fader' is the only song which could have been placed on Host, but still it's better and more emotional than any song on Host. Personally I think this album has the potiental to become something REAL, but however it aint no masterpiece.

The conclusion must be that it is a good album, but only if you arent that hooked on cool-guitar riffs and growling, those days are over!!! I think this album would have it best place between One second and Host, hopefully it's a sign from Paradise lost that they're going back to the old days.