pick clips


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Mar 15, 2013
hey i was just wondering how much longer untill the pick clips come back to the store. i dont have a problem waiting but the suspense just kills me. any guess at all would be nice :)
hello folks, my first entry here.
Living just outside of Roskilde, Denmark.

Got directed into here while i was trying to decide whether i should start to use a traditional thumb pick and came across this, while obviously its out of order. :bah:

Being trained classical i grew up as metal kid, and still am! :Shedevil:
ok , maybe not a kid, but metal :devil:

lately i have started to play electrical also with fingers, since i got the exact same frustration as Chris mentions in Choas T. #2 or something.
The way into El-guit and finger playing came actually from other aspect.

While being trained in Classical area, I started to dig into Flamenco playing and first problem raised with my thumb nail being worn out. I founded a special way chicks take care of the nails, making them stronger.
Now i have done this with my index and thumb (glue and some powder + primer) and thus playing without a pick while the hands looks like holding it. Also very close right hand positure to the way i play Classical stuff.

Defiantly interested in this one, while I guess I gotta get my traditional thumb picks too, donno.
In fact what's most interesting is, will these be better then my own glued fingers?! will be interested to figure out.
Lets hope it comes around soon.

Dang! a lot of talk! Gonna go back to practicing.
Learning a Chopin Etude for Piano on my Schecter Omen-7, which also made me think of these options.