The Wise
Feb 11, 2002
Boston, MA

Top 20 Albums of the Year

   1. Orphaned Land / Mabool
   2. Riverside / Out of Myself
   3. Mercenary / 11 Dreams
   4. Tad Morose / Modus Vivendi
   5. Ayreon / The Human Equation
   6. Into Eternity / Buried in Oblivion
   7. Megadeth / The System Has Failed
   8. Pain of Salvation / 12:5
   9. Jag Panzer / Casting the Stones
  10. Nightwish / Once
  11. Iced Earth / The Glorious Burden
  12. Angra / Temple of Shadows
  13. Within Temptation / The Silent Force
  14. Threshold / Subsurface
  15. Pain of Salvation / Be
  16. Evergrey / The Inner Circle
  17. Fates Warning / FWX
  18. After Forever / Invisible Circles
  19. Dead Soul Tribe / The January Tree
  20. Dreamscape / End of Silence
  Honorable mentions:
    Edguy / Hellfire Club
    Rhapsody / Symphony of Enchanted Lands II
    Wuthering Heights / Far From the Maddening Crowd

  Comments: The methodology for the top 20 this year is a
  bit... complex.  Let me see if I can describe it in a few

  Each ballot is assigned a confidence level according to a predefined
  function.  It is intended to reflect how likely the ballot is to be
  "genuine," meaning that it was submitted by someone with broad
  interests in the kinds of music that others at PM:X and related
  groups listen to.  It does *not* include any function of particular
  peoples' email addresses: it is determined solely by the content of
  the ballot.

  The top 20 is then roughly derived from the average of all users'
  ratings weighted by this confidence level.  Of course, this is also
  weighted by the number of people who mentioned a particular album: a
  lone voter rating Happy Humpmaster's World of Hobbitcock 5 stars
  would not put that album at the top of this list.

  The bottom line?  The *content* of the top 20 is probably similar to
  what it would have been with past years' ranking algorithms, but the
  *ordering* is different.  As examples, Riverside would not have
  ranked as highly, nor would Fates Warning have ranked so low.  Also
  quite possibly, Rhapsody could have ranked in the top 10.

  I haven't done the analysis required to see what the actual results
  according to old criteria would have been, and I won't, because I'm
  not going to deal with people bitching about their favorite album
  getting the shaft from Kyle's wacky new bullshit inverse anti-binary
  least squares method of ranking.  Deal.  Also, don't ask for the
  confidence level of your ballot, because I'm not telling.

  To make things less exciting, the genre rankings are simply the
  above algorithm restricted to that subset of albums that are
  considered by some large fraction of voters to be in a particular
  genre.  I thus don't really have a good measure of how close the
  votes were, which is something I'll try to address before the 2005

  To the immediate point: I'm very happy to see Orphaned Land,
  Riverside, and Ayreon place so highly.  Not at all surprised to see
  PoS / 12:5 place higher than Be, the former of which got a few
  negative comments (mostly from Teri) but otherwise was praised,
  while response to the latter was less decisive.  Personally, I
  thought Be had lots of high points, but it's a hard listen, and I
  don't expect to find it in my player as often as (say) OHbtCL.

  The surprise?  To see DST place so low.  I figured The January Tree
  (which I think is great) would be up there with Orphaned Land, but
  evidently a lot of disappointed buyers registered their discontent.
  Blah; it's still top 20, which is nothing to sneeze at considering
  the volume of stuff released in 2004.

Genre: prog metal

   1. Orphaned Land / Mabool
   2. Ayreon / The Human Equation
   3. Pain of Salvation / Be

   Honorable mentions:
     Evergrey / The Inner Circle
     Fates Warning / FWX

   Comments: No surprises in the first two: Orphaned Land has been the
   target of much spooge this year, as has Ayreon.  I'm a little
   surprised about PoS / Be placing so high given the relatively
   strong negative reviews I encountered on PM:X, but my guess is that
   this is a bit like the schizophrenic response to Superior /
   Younique, which provoked very strongly positive and negative

Genre: power

   1. Nightwish / Once
   2. Iced Earth / The Glorious Burden
   3. Angra / Temple of Shadows

   Honorable mention:
     Evergrey / The Inner Circle

   Comments: Biggest news here is that Evergrey didn't place in the
   top 3.  Evidently, lots of people bought and listened to it, but
   most people didn't buy *into* it like the previous four.  I have
   personally only listened to it a half-dozen times, which didn't
   even happen with my previous least favorite, ISoT, but perhaps I'm
   just finicky.

Genre: prog rock

   1. Riverside / Out of Myself
   2. Ayreon / The Human Equation
   3. Pain of Salvation / 12:5

   Honorable mentions:
     IQ / Dark Matter
     Pain of Salvation / Be

   Comments: Really happy to see Riverside in first place here.  Great
   disc.  Highly recommended.  I don't know if I would really classify
   the Ayreon as prog rock, but whatever; that's a pretty minor
   complaint given the genre rape that occurred in the next category.

Genre: death

   1. Mercenary / 11 Dreams
   2. Orphaned Land / Mabool
   3. Into Eternity / Buried in Oblivion

   Honorable mentions:
     In Flames / Soundtrack To Your Escape
     Mnemic / The Audio Injected Soul

   Comments: *Insert annoyed comments about how death vox do not make
   a band "death metal"*

   Sigh, I really need to just give up on this one.

   Really surprised to see Mnemic (up there with FF / Archetype for
   me) not place in the top 3.  But the mASSES have spoken about what
   they think death metal is, so I'll just content myself with the
   knowledge that Mnemic is the only one of the above five that could
   actually be considered death metal.

Genre: instrumental

   1. Derek Sherinian / Mythology
   2. Spastic Ink / Inkcompatible

   Comments: Lots of votes, mostly one or two per album.  The above
   two are the only ones that got a significant number of votes.

Genre: solo or side

   1. Abydos / Abydos
   2. Kotipelto / Coldness
   3. Chris Caffery / Faces

   Comments: I thought Abydos was utterly banal, but I guess not
   everyone shares this view.

Genre: tech

   1. The Dillinger Escape Plan / Miss Machine
   2. Meshuggah / I
   3. Spastic Ink / Ink Compatible

   Comments: Interesting that DEP's least technical album won the tech
   category, and especially interesting that it beat both the
   monstrous "I" and the mind-altering Ink Compatible.

Genre: thrash

   1. Mercenary / 11 Dreams
   2. Megadeth / The System Has Failed
   3. Shadows Fall / The War Within

   Honorable mention:
     Lamb of God / Ashes of the Wake

   Comments: I'm hoping that lots of people panned the Megadeth
   without even hearing it, because otherwise I can't see why the best
   that 'deth has offered in 14 years couldn't win this category.  No
   matter, Mercenary, Shadows Fall, and LoG all put out killer discs.
   LoG is my personal favorite of the three, but Megadeth still slays
   all (well, except for Slayer, who will be going on 4 years without
   an album this September 11th.  Come on guys, hurry it up).

Genre: dweeb

   1. Within Temptation / The Silent Force
   2. Nightwish / Once
   3. After Forever / Invisible Circles

Genre: AOR

   1. Tesla / Into the Now
   2. TNT / My Religion
   3. Pink Cream 69 / Thunderdome

   Honorable mention:
     Jorn / Out To Every Nation

Genre: black

   1. Borknagar / Epic
   2. Samael / Reign of Light
   3. Vintersorg / The Focusing Blur

Genre: live

   1. Dream Theater / Live At Budokan
   2. Book of Reflections / Book of Reflections
   3. Pain of Salvation / 12:5

   Honorable mention:
     The Gathering / Sleepy Buildings

DVD Awards

  Best Studio DVD
    1. Iron Maiden / The History of Iron Maiden - Part 1: the Early Days (3)
    2. Epica / We Will Take You With Us (2)
       Ayreon / The Human Equation (2)

    Comments: As you can see, this category didn't get a lot of play.
    These are all the discs that got more than one vote.

  Best Live DVD
    1. Dream Theater / Live At Budokan (11)
    2. Blind Guardian / Imaginations Through the Looking Glass (5)

    Comments: #2 included only as reference: big drop off from #1 to
    #2.  Lots got one vote.

Other Album Awards

  Most anticipated disc of 2005
    1. Judas Priest (7)
       Symphony X (7)

    Comments: Despite italicizing "2005," some idiots insisted on
    listing 2004 releases.  Dumbasses.  At any rate, these two bands
    clearly came out on top.

  Comeback disc
    Megadeth / The System Has Failed (20)

    Comments: No one else even came *close*.

  Biggest disappointment
    1. Evergrey / The Inner Circle (8)
    2. Pain of Salvation / Be (5)

    Comments: Judging from the comments on PM:X, this is no surprise.
    I guess the reason why Evergrey came in first and PoS in second is
    that fewer people expected Be to be good.  Jus' guessin', is

    1. Pain of Salvation / Be (3)
    2. Jorn / Out To Every Nation (2)
       Wuthering Heights / Far From the Maddening Crowd (2)
       Time Requiem / The Inner Circle of Reality (2)
       Ayreon / The Human Equation (2)
       In Flames / Soundtrack To Your Escape (2)
       Danzig / Circle of Snakes (2)

    Comments: To be fair to PoS, no one got more than three votes.
    Nonetheless, this is more evidence of the schizophrenia of PM
    Awards voters.  Or their diversity.  Whatever.

  Best cover art
    1. Evergrey / The Inner Circle (6)
    2. Hubi Meisel / EmOcean (5)
    3. Ayreon / The Human Equation (3)

    Comments: There were a bunch with two votes.  It seems that there
    wasn't really a stand-out cover art winner this year.  I know I
    left it blank.

Band/Artist/Producer Awards

  Note: These votes use the ballot confidence to weed out fanboys.

  Best band
    1. Pain of Salvation

    Comments: We love PoS!  We hate PoS!  Long live PoS!  Die, Daniel!
    Yeah, the message is a bit confusing. :) No one else was close.

  Best live band
    1. Evergrey
    2. Tad Morose

  Best male vocalist
    1. Daniel Gildenlow
    2. Tom Englund
    3. Ray Alder

    Honorable mentions: Urban Breed, Devon Graves, Dio

  Best female vocalist
    1. Tarja Turunen
    2. Floor Jansen

    Honorable mention: Sharon Den Adel

  Best guitarist
    1. Ron Jarzombek
    2. John Petrucci
    3. Karl Groom
    4. Kiko Loureiro
    5. Mathias Ekhlund
    6. Jim Matheos

    Comments: No stand-out winner; these guys were all close.

  Best bassist
    1. Marco Hietala

    Honorable mention: Geddy Lee (did he even have a studio album this

  Best drummer
    1. Mike Portnoy (I can't verify that he had a studio album this
    year, but given all the supergroups he's in, it wouldn't surprise
    2. Johanne James
    3. Mark Zonder

  Best keyboardist
    1. Tuomas Holopainen

    Honorable mentions: Jordan Rudess, Richard West

  Best record label
    1. Inside Out

    Comments: No one else even close.  CM and NB were far behind.

  Band most deserving of a major label deal
    1. Enertia
       Hubi Meisel
    3. Stride

  Band least deserving of a major label deal
    1. Metallica
    2. Stratovarius
       Linkin Park
       Pain of Salvation
       Within Temptation

    Comments: I think there was some confusion about this category,
    but I'll let it pass. :)

  Best rookie band
    1. Pyramaze
    3. Anubis Gate
       Cea Serin
       Mechanical Poet

    Comments: It's very possible some of these guys aren't truly
    rookies (Cea Serin comes to mind), but they are new enough that
    I'm not going to make an issue of it.

  Band you most want to see tour USA (for US residents)
    1. Pain of Salvation
    2. Rhapsody
       Hubi Meisel

    Comments: Surprised Sonata Arctica didn't place at the top of
    this.  I mean, I'm *already* tired of PoS's coma-inducing PP sets,
    so I really doubt I'd go to see them on tour.  But Rhapsody,
    Mercenary, or Hubi would rock.  Seriously, good choices there.

  Band you most want to see tour Europe (for European residents)
    1. Hubi Meisel
    2. Threshold

    Comments: Lots of spread in this category.  Only two bands got
    more than one vote.

  Best producer/team
    1. Neil Kernon

    Comments: No one else *close*.

Tracks from 2004 Albums

  Best song
    1. Pain of Salvation / Be - Iter Impius
    2. Orphaned Land / Mabool - Ocean Land
       Hubi Meisel / EmOcean - The Souls of Atlantis
    3. Ayreon / The Human Equation - Day Eleven: Love
       Ayreon / The Human Equation - Day Three: Pain

    Comments: Yet more of the right hand not knowing what the left
    hand is doing (or, in some cases, not wanting to know what it's
    doing. :) )

  Worst song
    1. Edguy / Hellfire Club - Lavatory Love Machine

    Comments: Ding! Ding! Ding!  We have a winner in this new


  Best vendor
    1. The End Records
    2. The Laser's Edge

    Comments: It was close, but The End wins by a hair (no pun
    intended).  One vote difference here.

  Best music-related website
    1. Perpetual Motion

    Comments: Guess I should have specified, "other than PM".

Hall of Fame

  Add to Hall of Fame

    BZZZZT.  No one even got 10% of the vote, so there will be no additions this year.

  Remove from Hall of Fame
    Kamelot (58.82%)

    Comments: Awwwwww...... See ya!

PM Poster Awards

  Bandwidth Champ: Person with most quality content in posts
    Teri, NK, John Frank

  Bandwidth Chump: Waste of space (most likely in real life as well as on board)
    Troll (in his various incarnations)

  Review Jedi: Best Reviewer
    John Frank

    Comments: Surprised, John?  Teri and LarryD came in a close second.

  Favorite Band Member Poster
    Teddy Moller

    Honorable mention: Nick Van Dyk

  Sage: Most knowledgable of music in general

    Comments: No one else *close*.

  The Viagara Award: Most stimulating/intellectual poster (not the one who talks about sex or schlongs the most)

  Comedian: Funniest poster

    Comments: We've got a love-hate relationship with Troll.

  The PT Barnum Award: Best promoter
    Glenn Harveston

    Comments: No one else *close*.

  Suspected Felon: Person who seems like the most trouble
    Ralf Walter

    Comments: Not sure why Ralf keeps winning this over Troll.  Ralf,
    you need a PR guy.

  The FedEx Award: Person with best delivery/phrasing of posts

  The Anti-Mikey Award: Poster who doesn't seem to like any of the bands discussed on the boards
    Jim Raggi

    Comments: Shit, I would have given this to John Frank.  He said as
    much the other day.

  Perfect Breasts: Favorite female poster

    Comments: Teri, 25 votes.  Next highest?  2 votes.  Ouch.  But, as
    I said last year, we love all the gals, but Teri's got such a
    nice, big rack, and you know how guys think...

  Longest Schlong: Favorite male poster

    Comments: Close one, with Ralf, Neil, and Chris-F5 close behind.

  Rookie: Favorite newcomer
    NO WINNER.  No one got more than one vote.  We must need new blood.

  Oscar: Grouchiest/bitchiest PMer
    Ralf Walter, Jim Raggi

    Comments: Yeah, I'll go along with this one.

  Elmo: You just can't help but like

    Comments: Troll has won more awards this year than any other
    poster.  God help us all. :)

  Dearly Departed: Poster you wish would return

    Comments: He's not that far away, people.


Thread of the Year
    Dimebag RIP

Rest in peace, buddy.

Now, I'm off to hockey.  Can't wait to hear what kind of wise-ass
comments you will all have for me later.

I think I would have put 'BE' ahead of 'The Human Equation.' Those are the only albums on that list I have anyway.
Honorable mention: Geddy Lee (did he even have a studio album this

Rush did a cover album, so yes.

As for worst song.. how can anyone diss on a perfect homage to people like David Lee Roth? Even had the signature Roth mid-song non-music bantering
Not very many votes or voters? Doesn't really reflect anywhere else but the PM board either. Maybe a need to expand it maybe to other boards next year, like this one or ones that are connected with the Perp Board?

Seems pretty accurate, though BE should be either number 1 or 2 in my opinion.

I also agree with tattooedsean that Wuthering Heights deserves better.
Chris aka Dweeb was a long time poster and champion for female lead vocal lead bands and beauty and the beast bands, so much so he created his own genre of sorts "Dweeb Metal". He is a cool cat , miss having his input around the boards.

Lavatory Love Machine GODDAMN OWNS!!! We played it at our wedding reception...and it was Mare's idea! One of the many reasons I married her...:Spin:

I should post our "wedding soundtrack" list some time. It's pretty amusing...

Nightmare1z said:
Edguy not in top 20? I see no reason for Tad Morose to make is so high if Edguy didn't even finish in top 20.
I can't be the only one around here who thinks that Hellfire Club sucked. I actually voted it for "shit eater award" on that PM award list. My #2 was Jorn's latest - Out To Every Nation. I also voted Lavatory Love Machine as the worst song of the year as well.

DarkTide said:
I can't be the only one around here who thinks that Hellfire Club sucked. I actually voted it for "shit eater award" on that PM award list. My #2 was Jorn's latest - Out To Every Nation. I also voted Lavatory Love Machine as the worst song of the year as well.


Progsnob :D
DarkTide said:
I can't be the only one around here who thinks that Hellfire Club sucked. I actually voted it for "shit eater award" on that PM award list. My #2 was Jorn's latest - Out To Every Nation. I also voted Lavatory Love Machine as the worst song of the year as well.


Out to Every Nation is killer, great album!!!!!

Yngvai X said:
Yeah, maybe ? I think I'm more of a cheese hater than prog snob. I just think Edguy is overrated, and pretty cheesy. I'm not much into humor when it comes to my musical tastes, and I think Edguy isn't all that serious. It doesn't much work for me.

My top few discs of the year were a mixed bag. I had Mercenary - 11 Dreams at #1 followed by After Forever, Tad Morose, Magnitude 9, Vision Divine, Into Eternity, Orphaned Land, Evergrey, and Iced Earth.
Bear said:
Out to Every Nation is killer, great album!!!!!

In your opinion, I guess? That's cool, but I think it's hit and miss. It does contain one of the worst songs of recent memory - Rock Spirit. It was right there with Lavatory Love Machine as they years worst in my opinion.