Eden's Fall

Dec 9, 2005
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Eden's Fall, Harmony of Lies (Nothingheart)

These days, it seems the American metal bands who attract the most attention are the extreme-oriented innovators, the sludgy doom bands, and the scores of metalcore sound-alikes, while more unfashionable acts are left to pursue their careers below the radar of the trend-hoppers. Old school thrash and power metal couldn't be more uncool these days (just ask Nevermore, who never get their due), but they carry on, including Chicago's Eden's Fall, whose new album is a fine amalgam of the late '80s melodic thrash of Metal Church and Testament, and the more aggressive modern sound of Nevermore and Arch Enemy. Guitars alternate between crushing, crunching riffs and more dexterous, melodic movements, while vocalist John Barr shows he can bark like Phil Anselmo and deliver melodies like Warrell Dane. Produced by Swedish producer extraordinaire Dan Swanö, it's the kind of melodic aggression that goes over huge in Scandinavia, best exemplified by the first-rate, politically fueled "Blur the Lines" and "Bleed", a taut exercise in modern power metal dynamics.

— Adrien Begrand

Rating: 6/10