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Anti-war protesters ......some mature and even handed debate the HATE PIT?????

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hmm ....just missed one ......DOH!!!
No idea.
But if I post this post right now
I will know
And it will change only one
And not two when I check it
So.. I will acknowledge my post account
Ah well
It'll change again in a few minutes anyway
:rolleyes: :zzz:
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rahvin said:
i think this is the best evidence so far that the watcher alters the object being watched: by posting in order to know your post count, you change it. that's so philosophical i'm having a whole new headache just to celebrate.

You think too much... :)
I was hoping something funny would happen, like Mark would change my postcount to 999 :)

That's a fun thing to do as an admin. whenever someone posts their 666, change it to 665, 100 to 999, and sometimes change it to 45000 for a few days, or something else ridiculous.