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2nd Edition D&D'er reporting in.

Right here!

My best friend in HS had the rare Deities & Demigods with the Cthulhu and Melnibonean mythos. TSR engaged in some IP violation by using them and the books were quickly withdrawn. I hope to hell Pete still has the book. Probably worth a ton now.
I have a metric fuck ton of books back from 1984 on when I started playing. One day I prolly should take an inventory. Man those were geeky/fun/pot smoking/nerd/raiding the parents liquor cabinets/ staying up all night times. #nostalgia.
I just started playing D&D with my girlfriend and her friends. They do it every Sunday night. I'd never played before in my entire life. I wasn't super stoked at first but I wanted to hang with her. I soon realized that it's just like anything else I do with my friends. Drink beers, smoke bowls, and some sort of activity. It's actually tons of fun and I wish I'd been more open-minded to it in my youth!
Yeah theres a lot of activities that seem to be "Drink beers, smoke weed, and do something..."
I recently joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, the largest medieval reenactment group in the world (over 30,000 members), and I get the feeling that every event is just drinking beer, perhaps a little weed, also our clothes are super period accurate.

edit: With the SCA its more like "drink beer, ALSO MEAD, some weed, and YEAH IM A SAXON!"