Powderfinger's "Number Of The Beast"

Hahaha oh shit !!

I was driving around the street in my mates car today and we went into the local cd store and I decided to buy the single just so I could hear what damage they had done to number of the beast !!
I'm surprised at just how well it actually works!
I'm not saying I like it or anything, but it doesn't sound as stupid as you may imagine.
If anyone has Powderfinger's early stuff (ie. their first two albums and EPs which were ignored by all and sundry when they first came out), they were actually a pretty heavy unit. I have one of their CDs which is very much like Soundgarden. I haven't heard TNOTB, but I wouldn't be surprised they could do it some justice.
I'm quite a Powderfinger fan and have all but the first album, (I'm still hunting that one down) and I quite like this version. I bought the single yesterday because The Metre is one of my fave songs off their new album. But yeah, it's good stuff, although it could be better in some ways (the slowed tempo is a bit annoying). Hopefully it'll be something that might open more minds to brilliance of metal music.