ProgPower USA IV Announced!

Personally, thank you so much for this line up. Last year was pretty heavy on the Power. This year balances that out. I'm not disappointed to see that Iced Earch and Stratovarius AREN"t on the bill. I'm soooo excited to see Rage, Vanden Plas, and Pagan's Mind. I'm not sure what to think about Nightwish- there will be so many men beating me out of the way to see Tarja, I'm afraid I'll get hurt!!!:) (I'm excited to see them from afar...). And of course, I'm excited to see all of the wonderful people attending again..(Bear, Mark, Henry, Shelly, Mark g., Adam, Ronnie, Lucio (and his bettter half of course...), John R. .. and the list goes on and's family reunion time in September!! (with some great music on the side..)

This line-up makes me more excited for the show!! THANKS GLENN!! YOU ALWAYS PICK THE WINNERS!!!

-Sheri :Shedevil:
Well at least I can say I was one of the few that had Rage on my list, but other than that I pretty much had no idea what was coming save for Symphony X.

Mercenary?!?!?!?! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be amazing. Thank you so much Glenn for your continued efforts in putting together what is truly the best metal festival in the U.S. today. You absolutely positively (ass kissing intended and warranted) RULE!!!!!!!!!
The lineup is great in my opinion and I'll be there ... don't know Redemption, Pagans Mind and Mercenay ... so, I'll accept recommendations on this 3 ones ... I'm new on Evergrey but I like what I have heard ... and the rest I just love them ... so ... see you soon people !!!
I have until may 5 to make up my mind but this festival does sound up my alley especially this year as it seems more prog oriented. I like power but just not as much.

I have been long time dream theater fan, been into symphony x for about a year, just got into evergrey. I have also enjoyed nightwish for awhile and thought they were stopping with the singer suppossedly leaving but this is awesome.

vanden plas,pagan's mind sound very interesting.

I got my reservations at the fillmore. How close is it to the club and to the marta line to go to and from the airport.

what cd by all the bands would everyone say would be a good starter for someone that wants to find out what makes all of these bands really click? :Smokin: :headbang: