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May 20, 2002
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I was just roaming the net looking for Blind Guardian related things, and came across this message board, and read through it briefly...

I saw many lists with progressive metal bands such as Iced Earth, Helloween, etc... All great bands.

I was just wondering what do people think of Dream Theater? I've always considered them to be masters of progressive music... Each of them being extremely skilled at their respective instruments (As well as probably one of the best live acts around) Are they considered too light to be mentioned here?

Just wondering.
Iced Earth and Helloween are prog-metal??? LOL

Dream Theater is an awesome band... certainly not too light to be mentioned here. Just listened to "Awake" tonight.
I have always liked Dream Theater, but I have to admit that the novelty is wearing off. They would really benefit from simplifying their approach a bit. All that technicality leaves the music somewhat cold and unemotional. Of course the feirce technicality is their trademark, so its a bit of a catch 22. I have found that there are many bands that approach the music differently that outshine DT. Pain of Salvation, Vanden Plas, even Spiral Architect seem to balance the prog elements with a good warm emotional base. Vanden Plas is a standout. Oh well, enough of my ranting......
I use to be a huge Dream Theater fan, now I am not. I still like awake and a change of seasons, but DT is one of those bands that you get tired of hearing after a while. One thing that really pisses me off about them is how overrated Mike Portnoy is. I myself am a drummer, and there are so many better drummers out there that can rip him to shreds, yet they don't get the recognition. In the most recent modern drummer Portnoy got best prog drummer, best clinician(over donati), best video, and 1 2 and 5 on best recorded performance, might I say OVERRATED. Petrucci is good, I like him, but I would have to say Paul Gilbert and Ron Jarzombek beat him out over originality, emotion, and technical ability. Portnoy compares himself to peart, there is no way in hell he deserves to be compared to him. For one thing, Peart is not a conceited bastard who thinks he is the best drummer ever, and Peart writes for the song, not for the song plus 5 million more notes to fill in between those notes for the song. Repetition is another thing DT has. I would have to agree with Roamer, they need a new singer, LaBrie can't hit a lot of notes live and his voice cracks, it gets annoying. I also totally agree with rhavin2112 about bands like vanden plas, PoS, and ice age. DT is becoming mainstream. I use to like those guys, until they got boring. Give me spiral architect, vanden plas, ice age any day. Take Gamma Ray for instance, they aren't getting more technical with every cd like DT. They are getting more simple and just writing damn good music with good harmonies and everything else. Plus, if you haven't heard the new DT, I don't reccomend getting it, it is boring as hell, atleast IMHO. Glass Prison is good, but even that song is too repetitive and too long. If it was shortened a lot, it would be a better song. DT, you need to mature as musicians and quit trying to show off. I liked their more stripped down approach on falling into infinity, even though the cheesiness of derek brought that cd down.
Rush, I am sorry, but I have to dissagree about 6DOIT, I happen to think this is their best CD since, well, their last...I enjoy this album a lot more than the previous few...DT is no doubt arrogant, and yes, they should get rid of James...I also agree, however, that bands like PoS, Vanden Plas, Wolverine, and Spiral Architect should get more recognition...they are no doubt pushing the boundaries of music to new levels, just as DT did with 6D, IMO, I believe that DT still leads the pack of progressive music...but, I still enjoy bands like PoS more...the novelty hasn't worn off, there's just new, young, fresh bands out there...
Arrogant, Mike Portnoy is indeed very arrogant. You should read his article in Modern Drummer, he thinks he is god's gift to the world of drumming. Compare an article with Portnoy to Donati, and you find out just how arrogant Portnoy is. Donati is so modest for being such a badass. Portnoy's playing is very reptitive and is just the same patterns over and over again with little variants in it. He gets more recognition than Donati and many other drummers who are doing so much for drumming. Donati has taken the realms of double bass drumming and moved it into a new dimension. 6 degrees, no, I would say their best is awake. Yes, I do think Derek's playing is cheesy, I liked Kevin Moore a lot. He didn't show off and his playing was to the point. Plus I like his dark style. Imagine D.C. Cooper singing for DT, that would make me like them again.
I'm off to see Donati play here in Sydney on the w/e!
I always love seeing him play even when I 1st saw him in Aus. band Southern Sons 11 years ago I thought he was amazing.I was only looking at those pics the othere day actually.

The latest DT cd I love to bits.The second cd (of the double)certainly stirs up the emotions.As does some of the songs on the 1st cd. Have loved this band since I 1st heard them about 6yrs ago!