Recording MP3 + Backing Track


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Dec 26, 2002
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Hi friends,

It will be my first try to do an MP3 file (playing guitar).

I want do play over a Backing Track and record my playing (guitar)+Backing Track.

What are the best ways to do that ?

I plug the guitar into my effects unit, that goes to the amp, then that goes to the Line In socket on the soundcard (back of the computer).
Open up soundforge (software), and press record.

Since the Backing Track is one MP3, can I play on soundforge the Backing Track file and Record, in other file, at same time (playing guitar) ? How ?

I want the sound must be more clean as possible ;)
How you guys do yours Mp3 Files ? Which software you use and how ?

Thanks !

Best Regards,
Ricky Fingers

My Equipment:
Pentium 3 / 600 Mhz
256 MB Ram
Sound Blaster 1024 Live (soundcard)
Sound Forge (sotfware)

Music Stuff:
FX550 Processor Effects (Yahama)
Guitar Jackson
Peavy Amp 60 Watts (studio pro) (line in, line out)
Torque Amp 30 Watts (line in, line out, micro, guitar, keyboard)