Redemption's statement about Bernie


Feb 11, 2002
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Friends -

I have been struggling with whether or not to comment about our friend and bandmate Bernie's condition as it is first and foremost a matter for him and his family. However, the news has gotten out, and we have had many expressions of concern and support, so I wanted to acknowledge them. And it's therefore time at this point to talk a bit about our friend, while keeping details at the appropriate level.

As I understand it, Bernie felt nauseous on Saturday, which as it turns out is a warning sign for an aneurism, but who would have known? He slept that evening and through the next day when some friends found him and were unable to wake him. They noticed blood, called an ambulance, and had him brought to a hospital, where surgery was performed. Surgery went well but he remains in very serious condition at this time (that is not a hospital's designation -- that is meant literally: it is very serious). Out of respect for Bernie and his family, this is as much information as I am comfortable sharing.

Bernie is young and in otherwise good health, and those are favorable factors for recovery. I do not have details on the severity of Bernie's condition upon arrival, which is the other factor. Evidently an aneurism is not something that needs to be attended to within half an hour of happening; surgery is typically performed within 24 hours, so it is certainly possible that everything will be fine.

As any fan of Redemption, Agent Steel, Engine or Bernie's other projects knows, he is immensely talented. Those of us who know him can also attest that he is incredibly kind, gentle, humble, funny, giving and a dozen other adjectives. He has two beautiful children and a long-time girlfriend who need him. He has a lot of music left in him. He's also a fighter.

I would ask that those of you who consider yourselves religious, keep Bernie and his family in your prayers, and for those of you who are not religious, send positive thoughts. My hope is that I will be able to update you very soon and let you know that Bernie is recovering and doing well.

Thanks for you concerns.

Nick van Dyk
I was just wondering that myself this morning. Hopefully things are looking better for Bernie. He's still in my thoughts and prayers.
I have heard about Bernie`s condition yesterday. I was shocked for I am a great Redemption and Agent Steel Fan for a long time. I saw Bernie 2011 in Essen with Redemption, it was a great concert, maybe the best in my life. I stood the whole gig in front of Bernie and his guitarplay was a blast. So get well soon Bernie, you and your family have all my positive thoughts and prayers with you.

Greetings from Germany

Finally, Redemption would like to update everyone on the status of Bernie Versailles: “This is also the first record we have done without the involvement of our dear friend and bandmate Bernie Versailles, who is recovering from the aneurism he suffered last October. We are thrilled with his progress but his road to recovery is going to be a long one. After numerous conversations with Bernie, his family and close friends, we have collectively decided that Bernie’s recovery should be directed by what is needed to fully restore his physical well being, not by the needs of this band. Bernie is a founding member of this band and his place will be kept for him while he is on extended medical leave. We have been fortunate to have a tremendous guitarist step in, as well as a couple of other special guests. I look forward to announcing these guests in the coming weeks as the album is finalized. The guitar playing on this record is insane – and I think fans of a particular band are going to have their mind absolutely blown and can’t wait for the big reveal!“