Reflections on AOS after being in Japan


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Feb 28, 2005
Hello there, my usual every other trimester post haha.

Anyway, i visited japan for a month, and i havent stopped listening to AoS since it got released. Ive had the fortune to travel to some countries around the world, and i can say that if there ever was a city that gave the vibe of acceleration, its most definetly tokyo.

Besides the reference andy gave us with Nick A., its everything, the speed at which the city moves, the way people go from A to B over and over again, everybody texting having people nearby, neon, holy shit.

Don take me wrong, its a beautiful beautiful city and i loved the trip. But, it gives some added depth to an album i hold near and dear. I wonder if Lazare was thinking of something like that. Its also as close to Judge Dredds mega city one as you can get