Remixed my band's first album


Stormzone/Fireland - Lead Guitar
Sep 18, 2007
Northern Ireland
I'd recorded it back in 2007 using a VAmp Pro (I know!), a borrowed TD12 triggering the EZDrummer Rock kit, and a Samson vocal mic off eBay that cost about £30. Including a cable and stand! It was my first attempt and recording anything intended for release and it turned out pretty well considering, but I thought the songs themselves deserved better.

So, I brushed off the ProTools7 sessions at the end of last year with the intention of tidying some stuff up, just as a mini-project to keep me entertained. I knew the source sounds weren't too hot, but I wanted to see what could be done without re-recording anything at all.

I switched the drums to a lightly tweaked Metal Machine kit, and ran all the dirty guitars through some tone-matching so they sound more like my current AxeFX tone. I had no DIs to reamp so that was the next best solution. The bass sounded like it had been played with a sponge rather than a pick. I could see that I had originally attempted to fix by throwing a ton of different plugins at it - so I changed it to a single instance of SansAmp PSA-1 and a compressor and while it's still not brilliant, it's considerably less spongy.

Anyways, it won't win any awards for studio engineering but it does sound better than it did, and the tone-matching stuff was interesting as an experiment, if nothing else!

Here's some lyric videos I did for it:

Servants Of The Dark -
Betrayed To The Night -
Fallen -
Do You Know Me Now -

And you can check it all out on SoundCloud: