I just got EZdrummer 2 - spacy 6/8 jam...


Cat Dad
Apr 19, 2012
Portsmouth, UK
Hey dudes, first post here for a while, I seem to have been lurking a bunch for a while without realising :lol:

Anyway, I just got hold of EZdrummer 2 and upon giving it a try, it practically wrote this riff for me. The bass is Zombass 3 DI with very minimal processing.

How have you guys been finding EZdrummer 2 so far?
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Great sound man. That bass tone is good I am going to have to try ZomBass now!

I just got EzDrummer 2 as well... wow it blows away EZD1! The tap to find function is great for writing. And the kits are just amazing, the Andy Sneap presets, I think it is the "distorted" kit, is nuts! Taking my mixes to another level.
Aye, I love it. The kit I used here is just a slightly tweaked version of the 'Dirty' preset for Metalheads. Glad you like the bass tone, too! It's literally just Zombass 3 DI with a bit of Waves L1 and a bit of a boost in the lows and a lowpass at around 7k.
Really nice vibes! Cool grooves and atmosphere, well written song. EZD2 sounds decent. What did you use for synths/stringy things (mostly apparent in intro)?