REVAMP featuring FLOOR JANSEN is done


God of Thunder
Apr 1, 2005
near KC

"....ReVamp - fronted by vocalist Floor Jansen (After Forever, Nightwish) - is no more.

"We are sad to inform you that ReVamp has officially stopped. After two great albums it is unfortunately not possible for the founding front lady Floor Jansen to have a band next to Nightwish. Projects perhaps, but a band deserves a 100% devotion which is impossible to deliver to two bands at the same time."

Floor: "I am proud of the two albums we made together! ReVamp has such talented and great musicians that I wouldn’t want them to wait any longer for me to find the time and the passion it needs to make another album. I also don’t want to give fans false hope. ReVamp lived a short and bumpy but exciting life but now it’s time for new bands and projects to start. I thank everyone involved for the love and dedication!"

"ReVamp will keep its Facebook page open for your reactions for another month. If you are wondering what we are doing and have been doing, here is a little update:

Jord and Henk are about to release their CD with The Blackest Grey. Jord is also working on an album with My Propane.

We thank you for your passion, your love and devotion and your great support! We have no doubt all of us in the band will see you again one way or another, for music lives on and the end always means the start of something new!..."
Can't say I'm shocked. Being in Nightwish doesn't leave much room for Floor to also be in another band. That being said, as much as I love Floor's voice, I can't say I could really get into the ReVamp stuff. I am glad that I got to see them when they toured the US a couple of years back.