Right arm pain

The Deacon Dr. O

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Sep 17, 2005
I'm developing a pain in my right arm, especially the forearm and shoulder. Whenever I play guitar, I try to minimize tension throughout my whole body, but I cant ever seem to make it go away enough. I think part of it is that my arm has been hurting for a bit now, so even when I'm relaxed, it feels a little tense and sore. (note: I'm picking with the wrist, but even so, this triggers small movements in the forearm, this is inevitable due to the way the muscles are connected)

Basically, I was wondering what I can do in the future to prevent this. What methods of stretching / warming up should I do? I warm up with scales and spider exercises, but I'm begining to think I should warm up in a different manner before I even pick up the guitar. I also found some problems with my posture, and I'm working on fixing those.

it could be the height you hold your guitar that can make a whole lot of diffrence in playing wise.
I think thats quite possible, I'm more comfortable standing up than sitting down, in which case my arm feels kind of akward. I think also getting a higher chair will help me, but thats probably only part of the solution. What I really need is a good way to stretch out those muscles before playing.
What you need to do is stop playing until the pain has stopped. Continuing to try to play will only result in worsening the injury (yes, it's an injury - the pain is your body's way of telling you you're not doing something right) since you're not giving your muscles a chance to heal themselves. After the pain has stopped, give it a rest for another day at least.

Stretching exercises that I've found work for the forearm include putting your palms against the wall with the fingers pointing downward and SLOWLY lowering your arms by bending the knees.
when i first started shredding my fore-arm muscles would get sore, but as time went by it got to where it didnt hurt anymore. I try not to pick with my wrist I use my forearm and i keep my wrist stationary.