RIOT in Rochester Jan 20, 2012

Johns From Toronto

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Jan 24, 2012
Attention, Gentlemen performing in RIOT, You have no idea what this concert meant to me, the concert was absolutely amazing and I thank you for being there as RIOT .

I have been a longtime Riot fan since the Fire Down Under days, and have enjoyed all the various incarnations and now reincarnations of the band. When I heard that you were performing in Rochester, I said to my friend John that this might be the nearest that RIOT would play to Toronto. I have listened to your band for years but have never been at a concert nor seen any concert videos.

So we booked our tickets reserved a hotel room and made the trip across the border to Rochester. Everything this past weekend was just perfect. The trip was great , the hotel service was superb , the hotel shuttle dropped us off at the Montage and picked us up after the concert. Speaking of the Montage, thank you to Randy and Aaron for your hospitality. I would also like to acknowledge Bill and hockey fan David who made the trip from Buffalo.

As for the event, I would not call it a concert but more like a private party. The music and playing quality is deserving of a packed 20.000 seat stadium but I am grateful for the intimate setting of a small bar. The audience was comprised of stuck in the 80s RIOT fans and a younger group possibly children of RIOT fans. The sound quality was great and not overbearing. Tony sounded great with a full vocal range hitting notes that vocalists from the 80s can no longer hit. Don has great stage presence and looked like he could play with his eyes closed. Mike played like 2 guitar players in one. He sounded great and hit all the notes. Now for Bobby, simply an amazing percussionist and a true professional behind the drums with plenty of staccato and blastissimo.

Following the concert , the boys made themselves available to talk to fans. I was emotionally beerstruck & starstruck and was not able to ask my 101 questions about the band, although I asked Tony a few and he respectfully answered. Thank you Mike for giving me a brotherly embrace as you represent the guitar department included Mark and yourself.

I pray to God that Mark recovers from his illness and will be able you join you guys in the near future and play in Toronto or as close by as possible. I wish you boys great success in the future.

I would also love to see a future concert with an invitation to former players and a narrarator taking us through the history of RIOT. Any chance that VH1 or an inexpensive documentary team can make a Tv or DVD production with interviews ?

I have taken some cell phone video footage. With your permission, can I upload & post the links to this blog ?

Your music is special and is under appreciated by the masses.

Thank you very much.


John from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PS There was a person in the audience from Hamilton, Ontario taking pictures and possibly video. Any chance you can post a few photos here ?
Hi John,

Thanks you for your feedback, which is greatly appreciated by the band! You sure can upload the footage to this blog, thanks for asking (very rare these days) and for sharing. Please understand that at the moment everyone is very saddened about Marks death. The funeral is in a few days and it will take some time, until the band members will be able to face the forum and come back with replies and comments.

Thank you for your understanding!

Manuela (Riot Management)
Attention Riot fans and band members:

I'm sure that you are all still mourning the death and loss of Mark, the legendary patriarch of the band.

I apologize for taking so long in posting pictures and videos from the Rochester concert. They will be posted shortly including this picture collage from the Montage.

Please bare with me as I try and remember how to edit and publish on the web.

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I apologize for the jumpiness in the video. The guy taking the video thought that his digital camera had a gyro sensor, plus he had way too many beers waiting for the boys to hit the stage.

I'm going to the Motley Stew/ Kiss concert this Thursday Sept 14th in Toronto and possibly the Accept concert on Wednesday Sept 13th.

I will be proudly wearing my Riot t-shirt from the concert.
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