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Just to keep a few guidelines:
- please don't post the lyrics to the album. They are to be found inside the booklet of the actual CD.
- please don't post links to where people can illegally obtain the music of Cain's Offering.

Claus Jensen
manager of Cain's Offering
But they are only letters.....


Letters are what you receive from the postal office....

When you buy an album, you're getting a jewel case, a booklet (with official drawings/images and lyrics) and an original printed CD which contains the main element (and in my opinion what matters after all, although the whole pack could be in some occasions also interesting), the music.

So when posting the lyrics here, you're giving for free, what otherwise you would have to pay to obtain.
I've never listened to a Cain's Offering song in my life but the whole dont post the lyrics thing is kinda funny. You're a one album power metal band from finland, get over yourselves. That, and all the lyrics for the full length are on M-A.

Edit: forum seems dead. Oh well.