SAGA: new "20/20" + U.S. show at BB Kings


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I know they don't exactly fit the style here, but I think there are a few closet SAGA fans around....

SAGA will make a rare U.S. appearance at New York's B.B. King's on September 5, 2012.

From :

Eagle Rock Entertainment/earMusic (edel) have announced the August 28th US release of 20/20, the 20th studio album from Canadian progressive rock band SAGA. Finally reunited again with their original singer Michael Sadler, 20/20 is the ultimate AOR/progressive rock album. 20/20 was released on July 6th via earMusic in Europe and July 24th via Eagle Rock in Canada.


The title 20/20 obviously refers to the album being the 20th of Saga, but, in addition, it’s a good luck wish to keyboardist/vocalist Jim Gilmour, who had to undergo an eye operation during Saga's latest European tour… and now his eyesight is, indeed, 20/20.

The album features ten brand new songs, never missing the distinctive sound of Saga's legendary hits. With striking keyboard sounds and Michael Sadler’s stunning vocals, the album has all that it takes to become an instant fan favorite as well as a worldwide hit. The opener 'Six Feet Under' features a dominant keyboard sound, roaring guitars and a chorus you can’t get out of your head. Followed by the catchy, high-energy 'Anywhere You Wanna Go', Saga clarifies that their original trademark sound is still going strong. The emotional ballad 'Lost For Words' once again demonstrates Sadler’s incredible vocal range.

“One thing that we agreed on was that, if and when I ever were to return, it would have to feel like it was exactly the right thing to do and exactly the right time to do it!” reflects Michael Sadler on his return to the band. And clearly, there has never been a better time than now!

Saga is:

Michael Sadler: Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Jim Gilmour: Main Keyboards & Vocals
Brian Doerner: Drums
Ian Crichton: Guitar
Jim Crichton: Bass & Keyboards

SAGA – “A Well-Kept Secret For The Last 35 Years!”
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