Saga - Heads or Tales Live

Fire breath

Feb 20, 2002
No big Saga fan but I enjoy many of their songs and I love the guitarist's very clean style. Anyway this is a live release and the last to feature Rob Moratti before he left for Michael Sadler to come back. This is for one of you Saga completists but it does sound pretty amazing for a live cd to be honest. The whole thing is on spotify. I like Moratti's voice a lot and he brings a slightly different approach to Saga than Michael although I prefer Michael's voice overall as it's more characteristic and charming. By the way Moratti's solo album kicks ass, AOR fans need it badly.

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Wow thanks for posting this

Always been a huge SAGA fan - Generation 13 is in my top five concept albums list

I believe the Don't Be Late video back in the earlist part of the 80s on MTV in what started leading me down the prog road :devil:
I used to love that video. Rare to see it even back then though.

I always used to be like "How many keyboards do they need in this band??!"


By the way if you are a Sadler fan, there is a band called Transmission I heard streamed on the PRM station. The title track from their CD 'Id, Ego and Superego' has Sadler on guest vox - it's a great tune.