Scenes From A Memory

Cooperman the rescue!!!
Apr 13, 2001
Virginia, USA
I saw the word "progressive" and so just had to mention Dream Theater ;)

I bought this album a little while back and have not stopped listening to it since. Damn it's cool! This is probably the first album I've bought in a good few years that makes it in to my Top 5 albums of all time.
Originally posted by Mark
Which album of their's did you buy?

Y'know, if I'd looked at the title of the thread instead of just jumping in from the main forum page... I'm not as smart as I look sometimes.

(No comments, ANY of ya;))
Here's what some dick on wrote on it:

"Songs: 10 musical snobs out of 20. "Scenes" is a concept album whose story is a loose rip-off of the movie "Dead Again." There are some flashes of brilliance on this disc, unfortunately most of the songs are too long and convoluted--thanks to Dream Theater's obsession with useless solos and interludes. If the album were 20 minutes shorter (so you wouldn't have to keep fast forwarding parts) it would kick ass. As it stands you'll be sick of it in a couple of weeks.

Comments: Rock snobs who think that KISS and Motley Crue make music for the typically stupid fan will love this album. Watch them throw their noses in the air and claim that "Dream Theater has to much talent for mainstream America to understand." You might want to bitch slap em and tell them to shut the fuck up if they do."

I haven't got the album so I can't comment. I'm sure I'd disagree with that knob though..... :)

Yes, Mark has "Scenes From a Memory" - I ended up getting a spare copy (can't remember how off the top of my head - I think CDnow might have been too slow in sending it to me, or something) so I gave it to Our Fearless Leader... no idea if he's listened to it, though :)
I bought it the same time I bought Nevermore's Dead Heart In A Dead World. Almost two months ago now.
Because I was so blown away by Nevemore I only started listening to Dream Theatre in the past week.

I've been missing out...:D
All the DT albums are about equally as good IMO. They all have their good qualities, and are all a bit different, which makes for a great discography!
DT are currently in the studio writing and recording their new album... I can't wait to hear what they do next!
Also, they just released a live DVD/Video of a show in NYC that I attended last summer... it's fucking awesome!
And lastly, the G3 tour this summer. Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and John Petrucci! God help me! :D